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How can Bemer therapy be briefly explained ?

BEMER is designed to improve circulation thereby supporting the body’s natural self-regulating processes. Blood is the body’s universal means of transportation. Oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers (e.g., hormones) and immune cells are all transported through our blood. When our body’s cells, tissues and organs are adequately nourished and metabolic waste products are removed, our bodies maintain a healthy balance and function properly. The optimal regulation of circulation is a prerequisite for ensuring good levels of health and fitness.

Have scientific studies been conducted on Bemer?

Yes. Over the past 20 years, BEMER has been scientifically studied from several perspectives and results published. Please check out this link to and type Bemer in the search  

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All Videos

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Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation. The working mechanism of BEMER consists of the transmission of a patented multi-dimensionally configured signal (waveform). This unique signal is transmitted into the body via an electromagnetic field meaning that it is the BEMER signal and not the electromagnetic field that acts as the “agent” that stimulates the circulatory response.

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